Padma Clinic

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Padma Clinic



Padma clinic is a well-equipped 40 bedded hospital with deluxe rooms, and treatment facilities with technologically advanced equipment and systems, which are backed by expertise of the Hospital's consultants, resident doctors, nurses and paramedics. 

Padma clinic & Nursing home is equipped with Surgical, Diagnostic & Clinical facilities.
Padma clinic & Nursing home is endowed with qualified doctors and skillful nurses, Aseptic precautionary standards are maintained at the hospital by the housekeeping and maintenance department. A Pharmacy is within the hospital.  

The Neuro wing of this great Institution is manned by efficient set of staff headed by Hon. Chief Consultant Prof. Dr.K.Gireesh, Neurophysician and Neurosurgeon ( the first in India and Whole of Asia to both a Neurophysician and Neurosurgeon).

This Neuro department efficiently manages all neurological and Neurosurgical disorders including Birth disorders of Brain and Spinal cord, Infections of Brain and Spinal Cord, Mental retardation, Traumatic Injuries Brain and Spinal cord ( Head Injury and Spinal cord injury), Epilepsy, Demyelination and Degeneration disorders of Nervous System, Vascular disorders including Brain infraction ( Stroke) and Brain Haemorrghe, Brain Tumors and Spinal cord Tumors and so on. Besides regular complete Neuro health checkup will be conducted for those suffering from Headache, Migraine, Epilepsy, Neck pain, Back pain all at a nominal rate.


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