Marie Stopes Maternity Centre

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154 Suvechcha, Fazil Chisha Road, East Subid Bazar, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
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Marie Stopes Maternity Centre


Marie Stopes Bangladesh

Established in 1988, our programme in Bangladesh provides a range of sexual and reproductive health services across the country.

Our client-centred approach and high standards of clinical quality have led to Marie Stopes Bangladesh becoming one of the most popular providers of sexual and reproductive health services in the country. Marie Stopes Bangladesh provides services to around two million clients a year and is a major partner of the Government of Bangladesh in the National Family Planning Programme.

Committed to bringing our services to the most under-served communities in Bangladesh, we continue to expand into hard-to-reach regions throughout the country.

Marie Stopes Bangladesh key objectives are to:

Exceed the expectations of their clients and partners for quality, cost-effective sexual and reproductive and primary healthcare services.
Provide services for safe pregnancy outcomes, risk of unwanted pregnancies and other threats to the reproductive health of women.
Reach out to vulnerable groups and those living in extreme poverty through participatory behaviour change communication and outreach services.
Catalyse service delivery in other organisations through experience sharing and capacity building, to improve wider access, quality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the healthcare system.
Build effective partnerships with NGOs, the Government of Bangladesh, and civil society bodies for sexual and reproductive health services and rights.
Ensure our operations in Bangladesh are sustainable by generating user fees, third party financing, cross-subsidisation, high calibre teams and effective programme management.


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