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Dr. MR Khan Shishu hospital & Institute of Child Health

Institute Of Child Health And Shishu Hospital is a general hospital. Teaching material of DCH, FCPS, MD, and MCPS of Bangladesh Institute of Child Health & Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital Bangladesh Institute of Child Health (BICH): The academic wing of DSH was established in 1983. It is affiliated with Dhaka University, BSMMU, and BCPS. It has been conducting pediatric postgraduate courses e.g. FCPS (Fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons), MD (Doctor of Medicine), MS (Master in Surgery), DCH (Diploma in Child Health) and various certificate courses in Paediatrics, and Bsc. In Health Technology. It also conducts different sub-speciality courses,FCPS(Neonatology),FCPS(Haemato-oncology), FCPS(Nephrology),MD(Neonatology),MD(Haemato-oncology) and MD(Nephrology). It also started the Basic Science Department since 2006. It is going to start Diploma in Clinical Pathology and Diploma in Paediatric Nursing very soon.


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