Health Care Hospital & Trauma

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98 Kazalshah, New Medical Road, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
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Health Care Hospital & Trauma


Health Care Hospital & Trauma Centre is one of the subsidiary company of Health Care Hospital & Trauma Centre Services.  modern technology for screening health for the diplomats, their referral expatriates, students, foreign workers, immigrant and non immigrant visa applicants. 


Serving the Diplomatic Community by screening health and TB for their referral such as foreign workers, expatriates, international Student’s, visa Seekers, immigrant and non immigrant visa applicants.
DNA sample collection and testing for the immigration and naturalization service (INS) through our DNA testing laboratories in USA. Our US DNA  labs are accredited and the member of the American Association of Blood Bank (AABB)


Age determination via radiological examination for the immigration and non immigrant visa applicants and expatriates to assist the INS or their concern embassy(s) as per the requirement of their ministry of health and the ministry of foreign affairs.
Routine health checkup and laboratory examination are also conducted for the embassy(s) diplomats and officials, UN officials and their appointed international job seekers & public.
Skin diseases & disorders are treated by laser & non laser methods

Our long accredited experience along with our professionals provides the aforementioned services very effectively and efficiently; all antifraud technical support are available in the facility to maintain a proper chain of custody. Client soft data mining and high quality performance with our integrity system is to assure you and the posts the best possible and accurate lab test results


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