Bonolata Clinic

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Natore Sadar, Natore Sadar, Natore, Natore Sadar, Natore, Bangladesh.
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Bonolata Clinic


Bonolata Clinic founded a hospital in the city of Natore that has provided x-ray, laboratory, surgery, and general medical care since 1985.  In early 1992, a tutorial school for the hospital staff's children began. Along with the medical work, a Baptist church was organized in 1993.  Some of the tutorial students are studying to prepare for the Lord's service.  This gives hope for the future.

National Christians are training to reach out to the villages through Bible training.  Eager to learn and serve, students have completed both bachelor's and master's degrees.

Quality: Operating at the highest standards of safe and ethical practices and demonstrating continuous improvement as per the guide line of CDC laboratory, USA standard.

Effectiveness: Selecting the most appropriate services to produce the desired tests results.

Integration: We are committed to provide clear pathways by ensuring collaboration, consultation, effective communication with health checkup service to the clients.

Caring for the Community: We are committed to promote health check up services, laboratory tests and providing care based on a commitment to our clients.