Al-Arafa Clinic Rajshahi

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Bornali More, Rajshahi, Rajshahi Sodor, Rajshahi Sadar, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
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Al-Arafa Clinic Rajshahi


Al-Arafa Clinic Rajshahi, Just like every other private hospitals in Bangladesh. There is no government regulatory body for checking the cost of the treatment or cost of the overall expenses in hospital. That's the reason, people go abroad to get treatment at lower cost. But,as far as concern of the medical treatment, this is the best hospital in Rajshahi . It has 24hours services of emergency, pharmacy, blood bank and diagnostics. They have 12 operational theatres and 43 departments for medical treatment. They have latest medical technologies, good doctors, nurses and overall supporting stuff. Now, all they need to do is change their mindset,not just make money, also help their patient.


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