Trump Cafe

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60 Satmosjid Road, " Keari Crescent " (2nd Floor), Road-2/A, Zigatola Bus Stand, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh. View map
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Trump Cafe

Our aim is to give you a rich experience. To explore some of Bangladesh’s most beautiful, natural produce.To present an original cuisine where texture, purity of flavour and balance is paramount. To bring warmth and knowledge to our service in one of the world’s most extraordinary harbour settings.Texture has long been the most important element in the development of my dishes. Texture’s role in the sensory nature of eating cannot be understated. How texture’s work together and bring pleasure to the palate is paramount in my mind when creating a new dish.Intensity of flavour where strong, clear, natural flavours are at the fore and where flavours build on each other and harmonise to create distinctive flavour memories is our objective.For us purity represents harmony and balance; when all the elements in a dish come together to create something special. It is when textures and flavours are aligned and create something greater than the sum of their parts – something new, something pure. When we create a new dish I draw upon my life experiences, taste memories and my imagination. We are guided and informed by our food philosophy and aim to create dishes that are unique.


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