Panorama Hospital (Pvt) Ltd.

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99/A, Chatteswary Road, Chittagong Sadar, Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
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Panorama Hospital (Pvt) Ltd.

What We Do: 

Panorama Necto uncovers the hidden insights in your data and presents them in beautiful dashboards powered with KPI Alerts, and is managed by the most secure, centralized & state of the art BI. 

Necto, as a leader in BI & smart data discovery, allows you to mashup all your data and use automated analytics to make sense of it, via the most secure and scalable web solution.

Our users love Necto’s automated functionalities, its simple and fast development, and easy sharing of BI content.

Necto employs unique recommendation, personalization and insight finding technologies that enable users to discover what they need to know and use collaboration capabilities to quickly address the issues foun


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