Special Earnings & Remarkable Activities

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Memon City Corporation Hospita

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55, Sadarghat Road, Chittagong, Chittagong Sadar, Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
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Memon City Corporation Hospita


Special Earnings & Remarkable Activities

Chittagong City Corporation Mayor Mr. A.J M Nasir Uddin again shows his exceptional performance to develop the City Corporation, in point of fact, develop the whole Chittagong City. He took decision to sold a sticker named "Ma O Shishu" against only Five Taka. As a result, Chittagong City Corporation got lots of revenues. With that revenue he bought four special type of vehicle with refrigerator system for burial or for incineration of a dead body has been introduced to carry the concern dead body with minimum charge.

Other Activities of Chittagong City Corporation are as:

For washing male & female dead body 3 woman & 3 male persons were engaged so that the dead body could be wash with religious manner and it is fully free of charge.
Provide ambulance service for City Corporation maternity hospitals.
Development of a new graveyard in 20 acres of land for Muslim Community is on the way of completion.
For dispose-up Hindu and Buddhist dead body two separate Incineration plant established with modern gas burner for this two Community.
A modern Blood Bank was setup at Memon Maternity Hospital.
Create roadside gardening and introduces street side tree plantation program to create an Echo-City.

All these activity of Chittagong City Corporation makes it different from other City Corporation of Bangladesh.

Chittagong is a port city and business hub of Bangladesh. It always attracts tourists, traders and foreign investors. Our present geo-political condition is very much favorable for foreign investors. We are keenly interested to develop Inter City relationship by exchanging our views with others. Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation always welcome any foreign investor to come forward and to choose Chittagong City as a best place of investment and business activities. His full support and cooperation will always remain to them who wish to help us to build our economy.


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