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Manarat International University

MIU contends that in response to the resurgence of Islamic values, it has a historic role to play in the new chapter of the 21st century and that, its task is to bridge the gap between traditional ideas and values of Islam and the technological advancement of the West. Its mission is to establish a platform that will develop dynamic leadership in the society for our future progeny. Hence, the advancement of knowledge with cosmic blend of Islam is the rai-son d’etre of Manarat International University.

The name Manarat is derived from its Arabic root word ‘Munawara’ which is a synonym of “Light at the Paramount”. Hence Manarat encompasses the spirit and strength of manifestation of its name – to achieve the highest academic excellence in providing higher education in Bangladesh. The mission of MIU is to emerge as a prestigious educational institution with emphasis on research of the Islamic world. It pledges not only to become a center of excellence but also an enviable seat of quality learning .


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