Islami Bank Hospital

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Private Hospital & Clinic Rajshahi, Rajshahi Sadar, Rajshahi Sodor, Rajshahi Sadar, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
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Islami Bank Hospital


Hospital has all the characteristics of a world-class hospital with wide range of services and specialists, equipments and technology, ambience and service quality. The hospital is a showcase of synergy of medical technology and advances in ICT Division through paperless medical records. The skilled nurses, technologists and administrators of Bangladesh Specialized Hospital, aided by state-of-the-art equipments, provide a congenial infrastructure for the medical professionals in providing healthcare of international standards.



We are dedicated to meeting the needs of:


Our patient - excellent and cost-effective healthcare

Our staff - continuing development and welfare

Our nation - partnership in promoting health in Bangladesh.


Bashabo Mirpur Mugda Dhaka New Building post Shihab.Lxmipur


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