Hotel Sedona International

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Birsresto Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir Sarok 88, Sadar Road, Band Road, Barisal Sadar, Barisal, Bangladesh. View map
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Hotel Sedona International

Hotel Sedona is one of the best aristocratic residential hotels in Barisal, Bangladesh. It is situated at the center point of Barisal. There is a big conference room (community centre) with a space of 2320 square-feet, in the 9th floor, well decorated with projector and sound system etc. our bed rooms are full swing. The buildings are of ultra modern pattern and constructed following building codes with all protective measures of earthquake, cyclone etc. The rooms are very standard in size and well furnished, decorated with all modern electrical and electronic appliances, so that you can enjoy your holidays in the hotel premises with much pleasure. There is also a river on the east side of the hotel which is very attractive for boat riding and fishing. We serve world class food like Bangladeshi and Chinese. 


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