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Eastern University

Committed to an ideal of “quality higher education at an affordable cost”, a group of educational philanthropists comprising academics, industrialists, engineers and retired civil servants established Eastern University in 2003. The vision of Eastern University is to be a globally recognized university in its chosen fields of higher education and research in terms of quality. The mission of the University is to equip the students with knowledge and skills essential for leadership in private and public sector in the increasingly competitive and globalized environment. Its goal is to be one of the top five private universities by 2020 

Eastern University is widely known for its quality education, superior faculty composition, excellent academic environment, sincere care for students, extensive co and extra- curricular activities, successful internship and job placement, modern digital library, good governance and administration and convenient location of the campus. 

More than 6000 students have graduated from the university by 2014 and about 1500 students are now graduating annually. 


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