Chattagram Metropoliton Hospit

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948, O.R. Nizam Road, Chittagong Sadar, Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
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Chattagram Metropoliton Hospit



It gives me an immense pleasure to be part of Chattagram Metropolitan Hashpatal Ltd. Since its inception. Metropolitan sincerely bids to offer reliable, dependable and affordable services to the people of greater Chittagong, Cox’s bazaar and Noakhali. With the grace of almighty Allah, in 2007, we started our brand new 13 story modern Metropolitan Hospital building with state of the art technology located at 698/752 O.R. Nizam Road, Chittagong. The total Healthcare Delivery System in Bangladesh, particularly in Chittagong, has been until now non-existent. Metropolitan Hashpatal, an innovation of creativity and representation of profound intellectualism of a total health care facility, has now been realized. It will not only serve the people of greater Chittagong, but also its service will be extended to the entire nation of Bangladesh. In this regard, we have from the beginning, concentrated on an amiable surroundings with ample space, a well-trained nursing staff and an experienced team of medical and surgical consultants with their group of associates. Metropolitan is the leader in the diagnostics and treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases. It is the first in Chittagong to introduce the most comprehensive Heart and Vascular Center, which offers Medical and Surgical Care for both adult and pediatric patients. Each year, we are performing hundreds of non-invasive procedures and interventional procedures in our state of the art Cath Lab, which also allows us to perform minimally invasive and open heart surgeries. Our well-equipped CCU, CICU and HDU provide an adequate number of beds for critically ill patients. Our well-furnished and well equipped cabins with constant nursing and medical doctor’s attendance ensure a comfortable stay for our patients. We also provide a hemodialysis unit and temporary and permanent Pacemakers to ensure a level of standard care. It is our goal to deliver our message to the people of our community that, “Our hospital is always ready to provide an excellent care at the time of need.” To meet our goals and to establish Metropolitan Hashpatal as a leader in health care services in Bangladesh, we are continually growing and expanding services. Thus, we are excited as Metropolitan Hashpatal is on the way to build another 21st century Modern State-of-the-art Hospital Complex that will provide state of the art facilities and medical equipment that will allow us to provide the best and most advanced care for the people of Bangladesh.
We are grateful to Allah for giving us the courage and opportunity to start this noble venture. We pray that
Allah gives us the vision, determination and perseverance for its proper growth.


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