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Order your everyday shopping items online, or over the phone. Phone lines are open between 8 am to 11 pm.

Cereals, local snacks, beverages, meat and alternatives, candy and chocolate, chips, spreads, nuts, biscuits and cookies, noodles and pasta, sauces, soups, milk and cream, butter, eggs, cheese, yogurt, frozen and canned food, breads, jams, honey, salad dressing, air fresheners, detergents, cleaning supplies, kitchen accessories, laundry requirements, napkins, pest repellents, containers, tableware, trash bags, flour, baking ingredients, dessert mixes, pickles, rice, lentils, spices, oil, ghee, ready mixes, salt and sugar, etc.

For Office Needs:
Batteries, pens and pencils, papers, notebooks, highlighters, erasers and correcting fluids, glues and tapes, hardware, files and folders, scissors, envelopes and sticky notes, toner and ink.

For Beauty and Health:

Food supplements, herbal products, antacids and digestive aids, vitamins, first aid, family planning, diabetic sugar, antiseptics, deodorants, shaving needs, hair care products, oral products, feminine care products, skin care products, bathing requirements, shampoos, hand-wash, talcum powders.

Pet food and accessories.

For Babies
Diapers and wipes, changing pads, cloth diapers, creams and ointments, feeders, formula, baby and toddler food, milk, nutritional supplements, bath and skincare products.

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