Blood Bank Shandhani (RMC)

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Medical Information Centre Enquiry, Rajshahi Sadar, Rajshahi Sodor, Rajshahi Sadar, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
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Blood Bank Shandhani (RMC)



 To influence and encourage people in Voluntary Blood donation.
To influence and encourage people for Posthumous Eye Donation.
To help the poor and helpless patient through finance and other facilities like – Blood, Medicines etc.
To help the poor medical and dental students by giving them monthly or onetime financial another supports.
To raise helping hands in natural disasters.
Mass vaccination programme.
School Health Programme.
Health statistics.
Participate in various charitable welfare activities.

First Facts of Sandhani

First Slogan: The best way to serve God is to serve humanity
First Voluntary Blood Donation Programme: 2 November 1978, Venue-Dhaka Medical College Hospital Blood Bank, Total no. of donors – 27
First Blood donor: Md. Idris Ali Monju (First patient welfare secretary)
First Blood donor (Outside Sandhani): Professor Dr. Md. Yusuf Ali (Head of Department of Medicine, Dhaka Medical College Hospital-1978)
First Female Blood Donor: Hosne Ara Lucky
First Voluntary Blood Donation Programme (Outside DMCH): 17 January 1979, 28 donors (Students of Social Welfare Institution, Dhaka University)
First Sandhani unit after DMCU: Mymensingh Medical college unit (October 1979)
First Central Committee: January 1983
First Central President: Abul Kalam Azad


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