রিভিউ করেছেন সোহাগ পরিবহন লিমিটেড
16 মে, 2022

I was a loyal customer of Shohagh always using their service for frequent travel to and from Cox's Bazar-Dhaka since the past 10 months. During my last 2 travels in April and May 2022 respectively, I have had to make double payments just to book a single ride due to their server error. In April 2022, I was traveling from Dhaka-CXB and after booking my ticket and deducting the money from my account, they called to inform me that my ticket has been cancelled and that I needed to re-purchase the ticket in another time while the refund would from the first transaction would be processed within 3-15 days. The same incident happened again in May 2022 while I was traveling from Cox's Bazar to Dhaka and after deducting the money from my account, they showed IT server error. After calling their customer care, (an extremely rude woman who has zero sense of customer care, politeness, and decency) she informed me that the refund would be settled in 3-15 days but that I have to re-purchase the ticket. I explained to them whether it is justified that the customer's money is blocked for 15 days due to Shohagh's technical IT issues. I further informed that this incident has happened twice by now and why their management hasn't found a solution to address this issue. A customer and definitely, a loyal one like me, should never have to face this experience. I requested that instead of processing a refund, they could instead put me on a different time so I could still travel while making a single transaction. I tried to re-clarify why the customer should pay twice for Shohagh's internal server issues but to no avail. She misbehaved and tried to hang up the phone to close the matter without the slightest empathy of the customer's situation. To make matters, worse, the refund was issued after 15 days once I had to call them again and email the company where my refund money was. These were terrible experiences with Shohagh and after traveling with them since the last 10 months, this kind of service is unacceptable. I am aware other operators like Green Line doesn't require the customer to pay twice for a single ticket booking. Shohagh needs to learn from those operators. For now, they have just lost a loyal customer and I strongly advise anyone choosing Shohagh for traveling not to take this ride because if such incidents could happen to an old customer, imagine what new customers might face if they experience any issues. Any bus operator offering customer service like Shohagh should be boycotted.